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Freelancer would be a PBS educational/mystery program co-created by Sesame Workshop (formerly Children’s Television Workshop) and also the British Broadcasting Corporation. The show aired on PBS stations from October 1992 to Feb 1995.



The show adopted the adventures of six youthful detectives residing in the Fort Greene portion of Brooklyn, New You are able to, who’d solve mysteries inside their neighborhood with the aid of a ghost. This ghost had the opportunity to manipulate any letters or words he may find to speak towards the kids, whether or not they were working out how you can solve a specific mystery or maybe there is danger nearby. In early stages, the youthful detectives started to the “Freelancer Team,” what is known as following the titular character.

Despite the fact that Freelancer was created to educate elementary and junior high school children studying and ability as a copywriter, it had been another Tv show not able to escape the classic situation of “fight from the arch-nemeses” syndrome.

The Freelancer Team were built with a common foe–it had been another teenage boy named Calvin Ferguson. Calvin’s family owned a nearby party supply store and, on the much lesser note, Calvin received top grades in most his classes. It was something which he loved to brag about, much towards the chagrin of Freelancer Team member Alex Fernandez.

These were in just about any class together in school!

In addition, besides Alex, the 5 other regular people from the team were:

Robert “Take advantage of” Baker

Lenni Frazier

Tina Nguyen

Jamal Jenkins

Gaby Fernandez

After Take advantage of left they to maneuver to Australia, a more youthful boy name Hector Carrero was initiated in to the Freelancer Team in Rob’s place.

Later, throughout the “Don’t Steer clear of the Music” story arc, Jamal’s cousin Casey Austin saw Freelancer and grew to become a group member herself.

Cancellation and Beyond

Freelancer led to 1995 due to insufficient funding. It later resurfaced in an element of the UPN Kids programming block in 1997 before airing on ABC in syndication. The series was later proven around the Noggin/The N cable network until 2003.

Instances of Freelancer is now able to seen online.

Freelancer was later elevated in 1997 on CBS because the New Freelancer Mysteries which only lasted one season.


During its original run, Freelancer won:

  • WGA Award, 1995 (Carin Greenberg Baker, “Don’t Steer clear of the Music”)
  • Youthful Artist Awards, 1993 (Nominated for “Outstanding Performers inside a Children’s Program,” it visited all six original cast people)


- Season One

  1. “Ghost Story”
  2. “Who Burned Mr. Brinker’s Store?”
  3. “To Trap A Creep”
  4. “In to the Comics”
  5. “Towards the Light”
  6. “Who’s Who?”
  7. “More than a Barrel”
  8. “Building Bridges”

- Season Two

  1. “Shall We Be Held Blue?”
  2. “Obtain the Message”
  3. “Just over timeInch
  4. “Lost in Brooklyn” (Take advantage of Baker leaves for Australia following this episode. Hector Carrero replaces him.)
  5. “Who’s Max Mouse?”
  6. “Don’t Steer clear of the Music”
  7. “What’s Going On with Alex?”

- Season Three

  1. “A Criminal Offense of Two Metropolitan areas”
  2. “Four Times of the Cockatoo”
  3. “Attack from the Slime Monster”

- At the outset of this year, former NBC anchor Katie Couric interviewed the actors who performed Lenni and Jamal included in a 3-peat moss special that aired “More than a Barrel” in the whole. Also, it was the ultimate season.

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